Who are we?

We are the Folkloric Group Raíces Hondureñas USA, the first cultural group of Hondurans officially constituted in the United States as exponents, for the rescue and dissemination of the Catracha culture in these foreign lands where there is a large number of compatriots.


This initiative was born in 2011 by a group of compatriots interested in exposing and transmitting our cultural heritage to future generations. Our commitment to Honduras is to enhance the cultural traditions of our beloved homeland, which has been our goal since the creation of the Honduran Raíces Folkloric Group USA on October 13, 2011.


Over the course of these years we have performed in schools, churches, community festivals, as well as major venues in the city of Washington DC and states such as Maryland, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts and others ; highlighting the culture of our homeland among countless cultures of the world.


From the beginning, the group has taken advantage of the opportunities to support the initiatives and celebrations of the Embassy of Honduras, churches, schools, museums, communities, and civic and governmental organizations when they request it.


During the course of the year the Grupo Folklórico Raíces Hondureñas is called to represent Honduras in different venues of the cities of Maryland and Virginia, starting on February 3 with the celebration of the Day of Our Patroness of Honduras Santa Maria de Suyapa, continuing with presentations in schools, schools and universities in fairs of the Cultural Identity, as well as in community events.