About Grupo Folklórico Raíces Honduras USA

Rescue and transmit the culture and traditions to our communities and future generations through the presentation of music, dance and theater. Assist oranizations, schools, and communities to educate Honduran youth in their folk traditions.

Since 2011 we are the first folkloric group of Honduran volunteers in the Washington DC area rescuing and promoting our cultural values! The founders of our group met for coffee one day in October 2011 after attending a dance performance by dancers from the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University from Honduras in Manassas, Virginia. The festival in which the group performed, Juntos por Honduras, was sponsored by the embassy of Honduras in Washington, DC. It occurred to us as we talked that we all wanted to dance. So then and there we decided to create our own dance group, through which we would share our cultural heritage with our communities and with our children and their children.

Cultivating our Honduran heritage through popular music and dance.

By living in North America and being so far from our Honduras, it can be easy for Hondurans to lose track of our heritage. In addition, our young people have a greater risk of forgetting what it means to be Honduran because they are only exposed to the North American culture. This is a situation that the Grupo Folklórico Raíces Hondureñas USA tries to remedy by teaching everyone, children, youth and adults, to celebrate their heritage through songs, dances and traditional Honduran theaters.


Grupo Folklórico Raíces Hondureñas USA inspires our community to cultivate its Honduran heritage through popular dance, theater and music. We provide a healthy and educational environment in which young people and adults serve as ambassadors of our native culture. The members of our group create awareness of the beauty and richness of Honduran culture by participating in community, school and organizational events.

In addition, we develop the talents and leadership skills of our dancers through commitment, respect, commitment and fun. The ultimate goal of the activities is to provide cultural awareness to our dancers and the members of our adopted communities.

Finally, we work to give back to Honduras by supporting programs to educate Honduran youth in the richness of their cultural traditions that in themselves provide meaning and hope.