Honduran Folklore and Culture Links

Our goal is to further nurture our Honduran heritage and promote knowledge of our Honduran culture. As such, we have published several links to music and videos that can enrich your understanding of Honduran folk dancing. Take a look below to discover the rich history and diverse culture that Honduras has to offer.

Related Links

Name Description Link
ANIDAFH The National Association of Honduran Folk Dance Instructors (La Asociación Nacional De Instructores De Danzas Folclóricas De Honduras — (ANIDAFH) is the organization of dance instructors in Honduras that creates rules and guidelines for folk dance instruction and competition in Honduras, as well as supervises and organizes competitions among schools in Honduras. www.facebook.com/ANIDAFH504/
Ballet Folklórico de Honduras Oro Lenca Our sister dance group in Honduras is one of the most illustrious dance groups in Honduras. Every year they host the national dance festival and competition El Grande de Grandes in La Esperanza, Intibucá. www.orolenca.org
CIOFF® International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF®) supports and promotes dance events in Honduras and elsewhere in the World. www.cioffhonduras.com
Marca País Honduras A public-private partnership between the Central Government and the National Investment Council that aims to express that Honduras is open to the world to promote tourism, business and products of the country. www.hondurasmarcapais.com
Dancing Joy El Grupo Folklórico Raíces Hondureñas had the honor and joy of participating in Dancing Joy, a groundbreaking documentary feature film showcasing traditional dance from around the world. The entire film is choreographed to the powerful music of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, the Ode to Joy. https://www.joydancemovie.com/